MISSION:        The mission of is to create a community of investors that collectively work together for the purpose of sharing information and research on small cap biotech stocks.



WHY SMALL CAP BIOTECH STOCKS:           Small cap biotech stocks represent significant opportunities to make money in a relatively short period of time.  This is true because these stocks are often very volatile. Biotech stocks often have scheduled releases of data and FDA decisions regarding the approval or denial of a drug or medical device which allows investors to capitalize if appropriately invested.  Furthermore, small cap biotech stocks often present at investor conferences, enter into partnerships, do cash raises by diluting stock, acquire or are acquired by other companies, etc. all of which provide investors with money making opportunities.  With objective investing and/or trading the aforesaid opportunities allow investors to make money whether the stock is going up or down.


The greatest money making opportunities are when small cap biotech stocks release valuable data evidencing that they own the rights to a drug potentially worth billions. We have seen this many times over and they ultimately end up with being acquired.  One example, of many, in 2012, Inhibitex was trading for a few dollars and was bought a few weeks later by Bristol Myers for $26 following the release of their Hepatitis C data.  



WHY CREATE BIOSTOCKSELITE.COM:   I, and others who are working on this site, have extensive experience investing in biotech stocks and have done extremely well.  However, no one is perfect.  The goal of, with the collective help of all it’s members, is to increase the prediction rate of price fluctuations for these small cap stocks such as with data releases and FDA decisions regarding drug applications, among others. The message boards and chat rooms will also allow all of us to alert each other to which biotech stocks are fluctuating, have events coming up, and have unusual activity.  Our message boards will allow a central location for all to objectively share thoughts and information on data without having to deal with all the nonsense / anonymity seen on public message boards such as Yahoo and Twitter.  This is why we are requiring each user to log in.   




We are not a pay service.  This site is completely free.

No one affiliated with the site receives compensation from anyone or any company.

Anyone spamming on the site will be permanently banned.



WHAT BIOSTOCKSELITE.COM HAS TO OFFER: (Everything is free and always will be.)

Free message boards to share research and stock updates.  

Free chat rooms to discuss hot and trending biotech stocks.

Free calendar of biotech events such as PDUFA dates, study results, etc.

Free alerts to trending stocks.

Free stock articles.

Free voting for biotech results/decisions to get general sentiment what your fellow biotech investors believe the results will be. 

* Feel free to email us if there are additional features you would like added to the site.   



All investments carry risks associated with them.  Please make sure you read the disclaimer on this site.


 Thank you for your interest and the best of success with your investments!


                                                        Yours truly,


                                                        @BioInvestor71 (twitter handle)

                                                         * From Jan 1, 2013 - April 29, 2013 - 102% return in biotech trading account.

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